I wanted to become a pilot. (Or own a plane in case piloting was not really my thing). Well thought-out, didn’t my friend Jesús Merino wanted to be a pilot?  I must tell him all about it.

I planned to ask someone to drive me to the money factory (kind of like Charlie’s chocolate one).

I needed a big truck like the one Andrés Villalón drives for work (except for he carries gasoline and maybe it is not very smart to use the same container). Mmm….

Mussic was essential. My piano lessons were going quite well. I was going to become a great composer. For the time being, I would play my CD with Les avions en papier. It was perfect (though I do not speak French).

I would jump into the big plane with my friend Jesús Merino. (Andrés, could you borrow a different truck for one day? It is for a good cause).

Suivent ta voie

Suivent ta voie

En volant

I knew Africa was kind of far away, but we got there super fast and we found them very easily right after we passed the dunes.

– See them?

Hundreds of barefoot children with their mummies carrying their babies in their backs would run towards us with their hands raised above their heads. We were flying low now. Their smiles would make my heart skip a beat.

-We are ready Jesús!  Press the “Open Door” button!

The packages were heavy and I was all alone. Just a little girl would have to do the job. Do I need scissors to open this? Dammit. I promise, I really promise this time to stop biting my nails.

At last I would find a screw driver near my seat. Great!

– Slow the engine Jesús!


Volant au vent

Ne t’arrête

And right then, all that money would start its journey down flying to those happy faces who from now on would never feel hunger, fear, pain or cold. They would be rich, just like me and my friend Jesús Merino (although we rented the plane, it was easier in the end).

How come no one thought about doing this before? What do grown ups have on their minds? This is really working! No more poverty! (It is just a matter of a few more trips to the money factory and then back to the airport. Hey! Maybe this time Andrés Villalón could refill our plane tank too). Wait till we get back to school and tell our friends and teachers what we did.

– This is the last oneeeee! But we are coming baaaaaaack! You can start buying groceries, even chocolate if your mummies let you, pencil crayons, Legos… They are awesome! You can fix your roof and get clean water in your village. I am sure someone will do it now. You can go to school and learn how to read and count. Counting is useful, you’ll see. Byeeeeeeeee!

That would be the best moment ever. Better than the day of my First Holy Communion when I got all those presents and I wore that beautiful long white dress.

– Wait, what did you say? Inflate? But this is not a ballon. This is a plane, we have an engine. We don’t need to inflate.

– …flation.

– Flatiron? Hey Jesús, do you know what does flatiron mean? Is that an aviation term?

Jesús nodded while he kept looking into the sky. His face pretty serious now. A storm was coming. Why is that in every good story there is always a terrible storm when things are going well?

– Look! There is a sign in that cloud!!! Can you read it from here? It is heading towards us Jesús!!!!

I – N – F – L – A – T – I – O – N

– Inflation! It says Inflation! Do you know what it is?

And just right then, I woke up in my bunk bed.

Golpes: Semana #19


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