Pablo Amor

Dismantling George Kaplan

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I may have watched

North by Northwest

a good thirty times,

beginning to end.


And only today

I realise

the big trick

Hitch plays on us.


Come minute six

when Cary Grant

calls the porter

at the bar,


(the trigger

for the thugs

to believe

they're in luck,

having found

the slippery,

perennial man

of mystery),


the porter stops

calling the name

"Mister Kaplan"

without shame.


What kind of porter

would ever do that?

Any five star hotel

would give him the sack.


If he had called the name

at least one more time

the confusion would've ceased,

Thornhill would be fine.



And now that you know

Hitch's big sleight of hand,

you may wonder: Does it matter?

Well, the honest truth is... nah.


Publicado la semana 48. 29/11/2017
In English
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